A downloadable game for Windows

A 2d platformer game where the player will have to escape obstacles such as spikes and enemies so as to collect a beautiful treasure at the end and wins.

These are the default input keys used for the game:

"Q" key         = Left.
"D" key         = Right.
"Space Bar" key = Jump.
"Escape" key    = Pause.

The mouse should be used to move arround and click.

Install instructions

REQUIREMENTS FOR 2d-Treasure Hunter 1 :

       OS :   Windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10.

       Software : WinRAR.


1. Extract the winRAR archive file to a safe location.

2. Read the .txt file found in the extracted folder carefully.

3. Double-click on "2d Treasure Hunter 1" exe file.

4. Choose your language.

5. Follow the setup instructions to install the 2d Treasure Hunter 1.

6. Enjoy!!....


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2d Treasure Hunter 1.rar 13 MB


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nice game

nice game

Pretty nice game but anticheat dont have :/ IAM HACKER #PixelMafia

thanks for the good coments

the second version which will much better will be released shortly